What are the “Foyers de Charité”?

The “Foyers de Charité” are Catholic communities of men and women who, following the example of the first Christians, place their goods:  material, intellectual and spiritual in common.

They live their commitment in the same Spirit, in order to build the Family of God on earth with Mary as Mother.

They do this under the guide of a priest, the Father, in an increasing effort of charity among themselves.

By their life of prayer and work in the world, they give witness to Light, Charity and Love according to the great message of Christ, King, Prophet and Priest.

The ″Foyers de Charité″ host the spiritual retreatants to their communities to hear again the basic Gospel message of God’s love for mankind. These spiritual retreats generally last for five days and are held in silence, as a way of allowing the Word of God to penetrate more deeply into the soul. So, those are more than just a lodging place.

The ″Foyers de Charité″ Remera-Ruhondo is situated in the mountains of Northern Province of Rwanda! It is among the popular areas for people visiting the Silverback Gorillas which is only a few short miles away to the Gorilla park entrance.

The ″Foyers de Charité″ are rooted in the Church

Founded in 1936 in France at the initiative of Marthe Robin and Fr. George Finet, the ″Foyers de Charité″ were on the 8th of December 1999 definitively approved by the Pontifical Council for the Laity in Rome as “A Private Association of the Faithful of International Character”.

Today there are over 75 ″Foyers de Charité″ spread throughout 44 countries all over the world. The ″Foyers de Charité″ are found in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

The members of the ″Foyers de Charité″are lay men, women and priests who are called to live according to the spirit of the beatitudes at the service of evangelization, and work with the whole of the Church to reveal Christ, the light of the world, and his message of salvation.

The educational process of the members is designed to prepare them for the mission and to make them responsible for the unity and the dynamism of the community.

Formation is provided within the community: personal meetings with the priests and laity, community meetings, and courses of study of Holy Scripture, theology, liturgy, catechesis and liturgical animation.

Among the formation activities, spiritual retreats open to all play an important part, as a synthesis of Christian life and faith in fidelity to the Word of God and the magisterial of the Church.

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How do you book accommodation at the ″Foyer de Charité″ of Remera?

Location and Contact Information

  • Adresse: ″ Foyer de Charité ″ Remera-Ruhondo
  • Location: Africa-Rwanda- Northern Province-Musanze District
  • Phone Number:(+250) 788 510659
  • E-mail:vdprw@yahoo.fr / vdpreception@gmail.com
  • Web site : foyer-charite-remera.org